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Adult trikes and three wheel recumbent trikes are more popular than ever before. All have a wider, more comfortable seat – no small seats like department store seats, a lower step through, or are able to walk right into the frame without stepping over  Trikes steer like a car, no balancing necessary.


Call (352) 799-7607 for prices                                                                                                     IMG_0067


Trailmate Desoto Classic 24″ wheels

Single speed, 3 speed/cb, 5 speed/ fw

Steel frame – green, blue, red, pink, black, white.







Miami Sun

Single speed or 3 speed

Steel frame – red, blue, raspberry







Trailmate EZ Roll Regal

Single Speed, 3 speed/cb, 5 speed/ fw

Steel frame – blue.







Sun EZ TRI Classic with 16″ & 20″ wheels

21 speed Sram

Steel frame – red, blue.







Sun EZ 3 USX HD with 20″ wheels, rear suspension

21 speed Shimano

Steel frame – silver







Sun TAD SX with 20″ wheels

24 speed Sram X3

Steel frame – red/black







Trailmate Joyrider with 12 1/2″ & 24″ wheels

single speed, 3 speed/cb, 5 speed/fw  – bucket seat

Steel frame – blue








Trailmate Joyrider

single speed, 3 speed/cb, 5 speed/fw  – tractor seat

Steel frame – red


Call (352) 799-7607 for prices.

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