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Consulting Done Right

Consulting in many industries – entertainment my favorite.

Music:  Song analysis- I can critic your finished song and video and tell You what to change before You go to master it so It will be platinum.

Movies:  Movie analysis – I will find the weak content in Your movies and explain what You need to make a best selling movie.

NABCO product consulting:

Automotive:  interior styling, exterior styling, sales & marketing – I am able to suggest what Your product lacks to make it a success. 

Bicycles:  Bicycle &Bicycle Parts – I have the knowledge to help spec Your bikes to ensure maximun sales per model, At NABCO to benefit some of our other clients I need new manufacturers for hundreds of different parts used in the industry.   

Electronics Equipment:  Audio – Video – Communication – Computers design, styling, pricing – in this range of businesses I can suggest new categories of products and new features to add to your existing inventory.  I am currently interviewing for help a computer programmer who can do anything with wordpress.

Sales:  Let us help you sell more product;  By fine tuning your existing products.

NABCO consulting is a division of North American Bicycle Company and Appreciates the help we have received  from the people around the world who listened to Marc and came to find us and keep us motivated by starting a business with our ideas.

If You are helping with my world wide businesses please continue to keep safe and keep the profits reinvested.  

Address: Marc A. Reusch  121 Estates Ave., Brooksville, Florida 34601 


Marc A Reusch – 1110 west Jefferson Street, Brooksville, Florida 34601

Temporary address:  2565 Parma Street. Sarasota, Florida 34231 This is great address for check payments and correspondence.  (941) 926-2897

Ask for Marc.


Phone:  (941) 735 -7165 cell Please Leave voice mail as I only check the phone a couple of times a day – as I am on vacation.

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