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About Us

(click below)      Founded in Brooksville in 1987 on US 98 and North Avenue, We moved to our current location in 1991 (1110 West Jefferson Street).  We have grown rapidly over the years adding on to our building 3 times.

The best brands and best prices + service for over 20 years.  Word of mouth our best form of advertising – being trusted to give you the best – day after day, year after year.  The owner loves his customers and everything about the bike business.  When he has time he still likes a good 20 mile ride on the Sun coast Parkway trail.  He has since then started a Division of North American Bicycle Company called Nabco consulting – click top of home page for NABCO. is website address — not

Phone: If an Emergency call (941) 735 -7165 cell Please Leave an email at:  Or Kyle (352) 796-0855

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