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About Us

Founded in Brooksville in 1987 on US 98 and North Avenue, We moved to our current location in 1991 (1110 West Jefferson Street).  We have grown rapidly over the years adding on to our building 3 times.

The best brands and best prices + service for over 20 years.  Word of mouth our best form of advertising – being trusted to give you the best – day after day, year after year.  Marc A. Reusch the owner started Brooksville Bicycle Center and has been in the bike business since he was 15 years old.  He worked through Sarasota High School at Bike Barn in Bradenton, Florida.  After graduating from the University of Florida in Gainesville he moved to Brooksville to open his bike shop.  He loves his customers and everything about the bike business.  When he has time he still likes a good 20 mile ride on the Sun coast Parkway trail.

Mechanic, Sales, Inventory, Ordering, Website maintenance people

Need one person who can do it all:  $14.50/Hr X 40 hours = $580.00 per week

$30,160.00 year salary. 

Need 5 Mechanic’s;  $12.00/bike tuneup & used

bikes.  Quick repairs $2.00/repair.  New bikes build $8.00. Unloading truck shipments shared between whoever is here. 

Need 5 Sales people $8.00/bike commission for new customer bike sales. Unloading truck shipments shared between whoever is here. 

Additional person $12.00/hr, must answer phone & make deposits, write checks, clean all areas, bike & parts inventory & ordering.  (must be trustworthy and plan on staying ten years or more) Unloading truck shipments shared between whoever is here. 

Call 352-799-7607 ask for Marc. No insurance benefits. 

Also needed:  Additional person for internet sales & website maintenance.  (wordpress) needs to be modified for online sales. 

Existing customers – Help get me back to work by sending in the people I need.  Thanks, Marc BBC

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